AEROCAREERS, NFP is a not-for-profit charitable and educational corporation, organized under the General Not for Profit Corporation Act of 1986 [805 ILCS 105] of the State of Illinois and under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our corporate address is 225 Carl Street, Columbia, Illinois 62206.

Our Founding Directors have decades of experience in the aerospace industry and have a passion for sharing their love of aviation with others.

AEROCAREERS' MISSION is air and space career education, networking, and mentoring for individuals interested in exploring the many career opportunities in the aerospace industry and to facilitate a cooperative relationship and exchange of ideas among aerospace groups, educational institutions, youth organizations, and individuals, to expose people of all ages to the many facets of aviation and space flight.

Do you know a youth who would enjoy a FREE first-flight experience, a middle-aged worker looking for a new career, or a pilot who has not flown for many years? We will arrange a free introductory flight for all those interested. After that introductory flight, we'll match them with appropriate mentors and show them a path to a successful career.

We are proud to partner with other not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that support similar aerospace educational goals.

PARTNERING ORGANIZATIONS include the Experimental Aircraft Association; the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum; Wings of Hope; airports and fixed base operators; social, civic and private organizations such as the Scouts, the Civil Air Patrol, chambers of commerce, schools, and universities; and other organizations. We would be happy to add your organization to our list of partners, donors, and supporters.

OUR BOARD OF MENTORS includes aerospace professionals from all career fields in the air and space industry. Stop and think who introduced you to your career field. Who opened doors, provided opportunities and offered sound direction and advice along the way? We welcome anyone with aerospace experience to join us in this important effort and help show the way to the next generation.

AEROCAREERS' FUTURE: AeroCareers was founded in 2014. Although still in its infancy, AeroCareers is rapidly growing and assisting individuals as they explore and enter exciting aerospace careers. Our web resources are expanding daily and will soon cover a wide variety of events and opportunities throughout the St. Louis Region. In time, those databases will expand to include activities throughout the Midwest.

AeroCareers will soon be operating a light general aviation aircraft to support its educational mission. Operations will include introductory flight experiences such as EAA Eagle and Young Eagle orientation flights, promotional appearances at fly-ins, exhibitions, and other aviation, educational, and promotional events, and necessary training and proficiency of authorized pilots and crewmembers supporting AEROCAREER activities. The aircraft will not be used in a manner that would compete with local flight schools or aircraft rental businesses.

FUNDING is dependent on the generousity of our donors. Cash donations in any amount are greatly appreciated, but your support in other ways is also very helpful. Have you retired from flying but still own an airplane? Do you have a "hangar queen" that is no longer flyable? The donation of your flyable aircraft or your basket case project gives our students real world, hands-on aircraft restoration experience while helping to fund our programs.

YOUR IDEAS ARE WANTED! We welcome your suggestions and ideas to help us achieve our goals. If you have a suggestion, tell us. If you know of an organization or event promoting aviation or space, let us know about it, so we can share it with others.

CONTACT US via e-mail at mentors@aerocareers.org, call us at 618-530-0805, or write to us at 225 Carl St., Columbia, IL 62236