If you are an aerospace professional willing to give a few volunteer minutes to share your experience with those beginning their careers, we need you to serve on our Board of Mentors. We need more than just pilots, mechanics, and air traffic controllers. If you have a role that is even remotely connected to air or space activities, someone may be looking for information and advice on exactly what you do. Experts in all the aerospace specialties are needed. Please complete the brief survey located here.

The information you provide will NOT be released to the public. If an individual requests information on a specific career area that matches your expertise, AeroCareers’ officers will forward the request and their contact information to you. We will then ask you to contact the requester directly. We will NOT provide your information to any requester or suggest that they contact you directly unless you invite them to do so. It will be up to you to initiate the initial contact and open an appropriate line of communication. Thanks for your willingness to share your expertise with others.

For much more information about who we are, what we are doing, and what we are planning for the future, click here.

For more information about our mission and programs,
send an e-mail to: mentors@aerocareers.org or call 618-530-080